Chewbacca Beer Stein Collectible

An officially licensed Star Wars collectible stein, the Chewbacca Beer Stein stands 9″ tall. This Wookiee in ceramic form holds 32 oz of your favorite beverage like beer, wine, even Kowakian rum. Attached via a hinge, Chewbacca’s head just flips back with the handy pewter thumb lift. This sturdy Star Wars beer stein can be drunk from. You can also display it with your other fine Star Wars collectibles. In addition, it makes a great gift for Star Wars fans and sci-fi fans.

Chewbacca says “uughghhhgh huuguughghg uughghhhgh huuguughghg aarrragghuuhw awwgggghhh wrrhw”. That’s Wookiee for “Enjoy a tasty beverage in my beer stein!”

Where To Buy The Chewbacca Beer Stein