Four Stages Of Fear Aliens Xenomorph Stein


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With blood-chilling indifference, the universe delivered the ultimate predator into the world of Ellen Ripley, with each evolutionary stage escalating with ruthlessness and precision with every step. Now, drink in every thrilling moment with the Aliens® Xenomorph Stein, a custom desigin available in a limited edition exclusively from The Bradford Exchange. Capturing the four stages of Xenomorph evolution with breathtaking intensity, your Four Stages of Fear Aliens stein highlights the Xenomorph from egg to face hugger to fully grown warrior to create a terrifying tribute to this classic sci-fi horror.At nearly one foot tall, this drink-safe Aliens stein is handcrafted of Heirloom Porcelain® to feature a wraparound Xenomorph design and is hand-painted in a custom palette adding atmospheric color. Biomechanical design touches pay homage to the H.R. Giger original art, including the custom handle intertwined with the whip-like tail of a warrior. Plus, the zinc alloy lid is topped with a sculptural chest burster and an Aliens® logo gleams from the brushed metal base of this 40-oz. Aliens collectible stein for the perfect finishing touch. Stellar demand is anticipated, so don’t delay. Order now!

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