Salute To Bravery Heirloom Porcelain Firefighter Stein


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Every day across America, courageous men and women risk their lives to serve their communities. Now you can honor these exceptional individuals with the Salute to Bravery Stein, exclusively from The Bradford Exchange. Crafted of richly colored triple-fired Heirloom Porcelain®, this stein features a hand-set centerpiece showcasing a sculpted Maltese Cross embellished with 22K gold, making this keepsake a bold firefighter collectible!The back of this Heirloom Porcelain® stein features a stirring prayer of dedication and heroism emblazoned in golden lettering. A zinc alloy topper with an eagle adorned in the stars and stripes crowns the metal lid, while a second sculpted Maltese Cross graces the thumb rest. Golden braiding extends down upon the handle, making this 36-ounce drink-safe stein a work of art! Strong demand is expected, and the edition is strictly limited, so order now!

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